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Regional Development Planning

The Doctor of Philosophy in Regional Development Planning focuses on economic development planning within a regional context: for local areas, neighborhoods and inner cities, declining industrial regions, and metropolitan areas. This is a distinct degree program, incorporation elements of economic development planning, sustainable development, community development planning, political economy and social planning. It offers a comprehensive knowledge base to graduate students interested in the improvement of human conditions – economic opportunity and prosperity, social justice, and environmental preservation – in cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas.

The program is a distinctive doctoral degree in planning. Most doctoral degrees in planning in the United States cover broad fields related to land use and design in urban and rural areas. The University of Cincinnati School of Planning program stresses the interdisciplinary analysis and solution to the economic development problems of inner cities, metropolitan areas, and declining industrial regions. Moreover, the degree approaches regional development planning using the principles of sustainable development, essential to sound management of the Earth’s limited resources. This degree is clearly different from a doctoral degree in economics, which emphasizes economic theory, economic analysis, and national-level economic growth issues and policies.

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy

Duration: 4.0 Years

Location: Uptown Campus West

Contact Information:

College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
School of Planning
Rainer Vom Hofe
PO Box 210016
Cincinnati, OH 45221
(513) 556-3835

Admission Requirements

  • Official online application and application fee.
  • Unofficial college or university transcripts are used for admissions review. Official college or university transcripts required which state the date the degree was conferred when offered admission.
  • Official scores for the aptitude portion of the GRE.
  • Three letters of reference, at least two of which is an academic recommendation.
  • For international students, a TOEFL score.

Application Deadlines

If you would like to submit an electronic application for the Regional Development Planning program, please visit our On-Line Graduate School Application and complete the form.

Make sure to visit the Regional Development Planning website or contact the program directly for information about application requirements or to inquire about materials that need to be submitted when applying to this program.



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