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Who is American Today? Promoting Critical Digital Citizenship with High School Students

Flavia Bastos

Leveraging the communication abilities of today's students who have been raised with digital technology and tools, this participatory project asks high school students to use digital storytelling to express their lived-experiences in America. Seeking to investigate the relationship between creativity and democracy, in this pilot study high school students, an art educator, and a researcher explore the central question of “How can art education prepare students to be critical digital citizens?” This project uses widely-available creative digital tools in an effort to articulate student voice as a means to promote dialogue and understanding of students’ situated perspectives. By creating and circulating original digital stories, students have the opportunity to experience how critical digital making can create possibilities for surpassing polarizing issues, engender shared understandings and foster awareness of the relationship between critical digital making, citizenship, and the pursuit of a common good through democratic dialogue.