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Modes digital tool

Emily Verba

Interacting with the Modes digital tool is like playing in a sandbox of dynamic visuals and music. Users begin by selecting and entering one of three digital environments: Refocus, Chill, or Energize. Each environment (or Mode) offers a unique set of visuals and music designed specifically for anxiety reduction. The two measurable outcomes of the Modes digital tool are 1) the reduction of self-
reported anxiety in bachelor students, and 2) the reduction of bachelor student heart rates. Through immersive interaction, mesmerizing visual and music landscapes are generated in order to reduce anxiety and encourage peace of mind. 
In accordance with the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the Modes team conducted 
a pilot research study in October of 2017. Participants first completed a self-report anxiety inventory and had their baseline heart rates measured. They then interacted with the 
Modes digital tool on distributed iPads for five minutes (while staying connected to the heart rate monitors). Upon completion, participants completed the self-report anxiety inventory again and their baseline heart rates were measured a second time. Results revealed 
a pre-Modes anxiety score average of 91.75 points and a post-Modes anxiety score average 
of 80.17 points; a twelve point drop in overall anxiety among participants. Eighty-four percent of study participants experienced a decrease in anxiety after five minutes 
of using the Modes digital tool.