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In addition to studios, workshops, laboratories, lecture and seminar rooms, the college has a number of specialized facilities which support its programs.

Beijing Jiaotong University

Xinhao Wang

Provost Kristi Nelson and UC International Director Raj Mehta visited Beijing Jiaotong University from May 8th to May 9th and Shandong University from May 10th to May 11th. At BJTU, Provost Nelson met BJTU President Bin Ning and planted a tree to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the UC-BJTU friendship, tracing back to a BJTU delegation to UC and Dean Emeritus Jay Chatterjee’s visit to BJTU in 1980s. Since I connected to the School of Architecture and Design BJTU, more than a dozen faculty and administers from all four DAAP schools have given lectures at BJTU. In the summer, I was invited to give lectures in four universities and presented at four conferences in China. The topics include ecological wisdom, resilience, research writing, and UC’s CO-OP program.